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A common need in the community and a desire to make a difference in the lives of children led this family to launch  Edutainment Learning Center. As most working parents, DeJuan and Tonya noticed that by the time they both came home from work, there was limited time dedicated in assisting their children with homework.  Eventually, DeJuan and Tonya discovered that they were not the only family having this challenge. Families in their community were, too! DeJuan and Tonya came up with a solution that would benefit both their family and the community.  With the growth of the business over the years, they provide more than just homework assistance.  


"The Ellis Family run a very professional kid and family friendly center. My son was always so excited to get to the center. I highly recommend Edutainment Learning Center. They definitely add to the definition that it takes a village. The rates are very reasonable and the staff is extremely dedicated and professional. An all around great place for your kids!" ~Montina Vital

"Edutainment staff are by far the best on this side of PG county. Both of my kids attended here for years and during that time we never had to worry about homework being done. My son is currently excelling in college and my daughter is doing the same in middle school. Edutainment has given them both the tools to be better students and athletes. I highly recommend them and their services to everyone." ~ Leslie Finley

"My children attends Summer Camp. Incorporating learning while having fun at the same time is what Edutainment does consistently. It’s a balanced approach. If a child doesn’t pick up a book or does nothing it will take them until the month of December to regain the knowledge that they lost during the summer months. Not only will they learn academics, but life lessons. The founders have multiple successful businesses. Edutainment is highly recommended and a pathway to success for your child, as well as having a significant impact in the community." ~ Tony Slater

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