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The Gamers Club


Our Video Game Club is the perfect club for kids who love video games! We will provide a safe space for children to enjoy talking about the latest video games, meet other children with similar personalities and interests, practice and compete casually or competitively. Come join the fun!

  • PlayStation

  • PlayStation VR

  • Xbox

  • Nintendo Wii

Location: 9300 Livingston Road, Suite B-100, Fort Washington, MD 20744

Date: Every Sunday

Time: 11 AM - 1 PM

Registration Fee: $15 

Club Fee: $89 Per Month 

If you are a first time member register below. If you are already a member use the button under the registration form to make your monthly payment and click on The Gamers Club.

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The one-time registration fee of $15 is included in the first month's payment.

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